About the artist


Robin Archer b.1971

I began to take painting seriously at about the age of 15 and had a very keen interest in figurative art from the outset. I was very much into nineteenth century Illustrators such as Arthur Rackham and Alphonse Mucha as well as contemporary fantasy artists like Frank Frazetta, Jeff Jones and Brian Froud. Their art fuelled my imagination, it was exciting, romantic, dramatic and other worldly, the figures that occupied these imagined places were convincing and emotive. As I got older I gradually began to take more interest in and admire many of the great  painters from history such as Diego Velazquez and Rembrandt through to nineteenth century painters including  John Singer Sargent, Hugh Ramsay and John William Waterhouse to name just a few. 


Oil paints are my preferred medium and whilst my work is often contemporary in style it is firmly rooted in the rich tradition of European figurative painting. Always wanting my paintings to feel fresh and alive I place great importance on capturing the subtleties of personality and mood. Elements that are important to me in whatever subject I`m painting include elegance of form along with a natural beauty that exhibits charm and substance of character. I`m continually motivated to find an ideal balance between dark and light both in design and feeling that will help provoke a lasting emotional response in the viewer.